Best Paper Awards

  • The paper titled "Dynamic Survival Analysis Using in-Memory Technology" presented by Sophies SCHNEIDERBAUER, Diana SCHWEIZER, Theres FEY and Daniel NASSSEH
  • The paper titled "Virtual Planning of Extra-Intracranial Bypass with Numerical Investigation of Hemodynamics" presented by Evgenia BLAGOSKLONOVA, Daria DOLOTOVA, Nataliya POLUNINA, Valentin STEPANOV, Anastasia KISELEVA, Ivan ARHIPOV, Andrey GAVRILOV and Vladimir KRYLOV
  • The paper titled "Lifestyle Intervention for Young Adults with MS: A Design Study" presented by Martine Oppegaard JAKOBSEN and Ankica BABIC.


Best Student Paper Awards

  • The paper titled "Gathering Real World Evidence Through the Evaluation of Decision History" presented by Naira MURO, Nekane LARBURU, Jacques BOUAUD and Brigitte SEROUSSI
  • The paper titled "Health Professionals' Perceptions of Information Quality in the Health Village Portal" presented by Milla ROSENLUND, Eija KIVEKÄS, Santtu MIKKONEN, Sirpa ARVONEN, Jarmo REPONEN and
    Kaija SARANTO
  • The paper titled "Development and Usability of Mobile-based Healthcare Protocols in Kenya" presented by Priscillah BALIRWA, Thomas MWOGI, Evelyn K. KAHIIGI and Martin C. WERE
  • The paper titled "Entropy-based Dyslalia Screening" presented by Emilian-Erman MAHMUT, Michele Della VENTURA, Dorin BERIAN and Vasile STOICU-TIVADAR
  • The paper titled "From Teriary to Primary Care - Understanding Context in the Transfer of Digital Headache Service Pathway" presented by Auri VÄLJÄ, Henni TENHUNEN, Hanna HARNO, Laura MÄKITIE, Tuomo TANILA and Paul LILLRANK

Best Poster Awards

  • The poster titled "Challenges and Sollutions while Developing HITO, a Health IT Ontology" presented by Verena DORNAUER, Maryam CHALANDARI, Konrad HOFFNER, Franziska JAHN, Birgit SCHNEIDER, Alfred WINTER and Elske AMMENWERTH
  • The poster titled "The Need for the Use of ICT in Medicine: Attitudes among Serbian Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students" presented by Andja CIRKOVIC, Jelena MILIN LAZOVIC, Marko SAVIC, Natasa MILIC, Zoran BUKUMIRIC, Ognjen MILICEVIC, Vedrana PAVLOVIC and Dejana STANISAVLIEVIC
  • The poster titled "Assessment of the Prognostic Accuracy of Scales in Different Ways on the Example of Assessing the Validity of the Prognostic Model ISS-RTS-TRISS" presented by I.V. VASILYEVA, S.L. SHVIREV, T.V. ZARUBINA and YU.D. UDALOV